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Celebrating my Lifetime Achievement with Family

The White Swan restaurant in Rothsville, Pa.

This is my wonderfully family and a few
friends celebrating my first book!

It was my first book signing as a few people like Stephanie stopped by to have their books autographed. One women name Sandi asked if she could buy a book and sighed a copy for her as well.

I was giving a beautiful cross pen called the Wanderlust, by my family.
The funny thing was
that I often thought of myself as a wanderlust.
It’s a perfect description
of someone like me
who has been not so much to many places,
but rather
in many situations
as my story
”The Promise”

Thank you Ginny, Darrell, Tommy, Stacy, Shannon, Todd, Teri and Tom for making my celebration so special. It was especially fun hearing your thoughts on the book and what it meant to you. Not even my words can express how much you each mean to me.❤️

Thank you, Shannon!
Thank you, Stephanie!


Connie calls herself an autodidact writer. The word autodidact is as impressive as the time it takes to teach yourself how to master a craft. Auto means "self" and "didact" comes from the Greek word for "teach." Connie learned by reading, taking home study courses, and creative writing workshops. She talked, practiced and shared with other writers who encouraged her to write her story because it was too important, not to tell. Connie has three blogs, one sharing spiritual thoughts, another on aging gracefully, and the other her author site. She is so passionate about writing that she gets up every day at 5:00 am and writes for 2hours. She's a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Her hobbies are genealogy, lots of crafts, too many to mention. If you ask Connie what the greatest accomplishment of her life has been? She'll tell you it's the life she created by believing in something better, "The Promise!"

5 thoughts on “Celebrating my Lifetime Achievement with Family

  1. Connie, it seems that you certainly have mastered the gift of writing………and creating a wonderful family! I am so very proud of you Connie! Love you!! Mickey McDevitt (Kuhn)

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