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Occupational Hazard of Writing

I learned to type in high school as I majored in business. I practiced at home on a old Manuel typewriter. The typewriter in the picture above to be exact. Of course we moved onto electric typewriters and later computers but the constant strain after years does a number on the joints in the hands and wrist. I finished my book and when I began to relax all my aches and pains have began to set in. Actually it’s more then that I have carpel tunnel so bad I need surgery on both my wrist.

What will I do without the ability to write or type? I can still talk so I guess I’ll learn how to use Seri more and maybe plug into my computer with one of those voice prompts.

Speaking of voices I keep hearing the one inside me? You know that voice that knows what’s best for us. It’s telling me it’s time to rest. Enjoy my accomplishments . Clear your head and get ready for what you are called to next!

Keep me in your thoughts & prayers that I listen 👂.