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Wednesday’s Question?

People often ask me how you can remember such details from your past.

It is as if the heart stops for a moment while the brain absorbs the shock of the hearts piercing. That memory has nowhere to go. It wanders around in your mind and flashes like a lightning bolt with the blow of thunder that strikes right before the memory comes flooding back, and the tears rain from your eyes.

You don’t forget the things that pierce your heart.

But as a child, we can often distort what was really going on. We only remember the worst of what happened to us. In my therapy sessions, my therapist would have me go back to an event in my life as the adult I am today. I’d sit beside my younger self and observe the situation from an adult point of view. I could see that what was going on didn’t have anything to do with me. There was a lifetime of problems that surround my parents that created the things that happened. I could then take the hand of my inner child and show her that it wasn’t her fault. That it’s alright now, we survived it, and it’s not worth holding onto anymore. It didn’t take away from the fact that I was indeed a victim of my parent’s circumstances, and it didn’t justify their actions, but it helped me to know it wasn’t my fault, and I could let it go now if I wanted to.

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Shall We Not Assume Our Post?

“The fact that I am here certainly shows me that the soul had need of an organ here. Shall I not assume the post?” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

For those of you who read my story “The Promise,” you could hear in my voice how flawed I thought I was. As a matter of fact so much so that I thought I’d falling from the heavens before God finished making me. That had to be why I was so unloveable.

Even with all the love Tom gave me, it wasn’t until I could see my own worth that I could fully accept Tom’s love. I had to see that God didn’t make a mistake with me. He made me instead very unique, like no other. So, what I compared myself to was a waste of time. Getting to know who I am has become my focus and is a lifetime job that grows as I become the soul I was created to be, my true-self. It is within this knowing that I’m able to assume my very own “post” in life, as Ralph Waldo Emerson refers to.

Is there anything more wonderful than knowing that you, as a human being, are called forth to serve a purpose all your own? And that in the post you assume as soul and body, you find your unique purpose in life.

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Occupational Hazard of Writing

I learned to type in high school as I majored in business. I practiced at home on a old Manuel typewriter. The typewriter in the picture above to be exact. Of course we moved onto electric typewriters and later computers but the constant strain after years does a number on the joints in the hands and wrist. I finished my book and when I began to relax all my aches and pains have began to set in. Actually it’s more then that I have carpel tunnel so bad I need surgery on both my wrist.

What will I do without the ability to write or type? I can still talk so I guess I’ll learn how to use Seri more and maybe plug into my computer with one of those voice prompts.

Speaking of voices I keep hearing the one inside me? You know that voice that knows what’s best for us. It’s telling me it’s time to rest. Enjoy my accomplishments . Clear your head and get ready for what you are called to next!

Keep me in your thoughts & prayers that I listen 👂.

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Celebrating my Lifetime Achievement with Family

The White Swan restaurant in Rothsville, Pa.

This is my wonderfully family and a few
friends celebrating my first book!

It was my first book signing as a few people like Stephanie stopped by to have their books autographed. One women name Sandi asked if she could buy a book and sighed a copy for her as well.

I was giving a beautiful cross pen called the Wanderlust, by my family.
The funny thing was
that I often thought of myself as a wanderlust.
It’s a perfect description
of someone like me
who has been not so much to many places,
but rather
in many situations
as my story
”The Promise”

Thank you Ginny, Darrell, Tommy, Stacy, Shannon, Todd, Teri and Tom for making my celebration so special. It was especially fun hearing your thoughts on the book and what it meant to you. Not even my words can express how much you each mean to me.❤️

Thank you, Shannon!
Thank you, Stephanie!
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So, what’s this website all about?

As I was creating my new author website, I needed to come up with the topics, taglines and categories that come up in my book, The Promise. I was awestruck myself by how many topics it covers and could understand what a friend meant when she said she could relate to some of the things I brought up in my story. I realize now looking at the list that there is probably something for everyone to get out of reading my book. That makes me happy because I wanted to tell my story so that others could find a sense of commonality and hope through each other. We are not alone in this world, and sometimes we need a place where we can share. I’m excited now to be able to provide such a place with this website where you can communicate, vent, cry and encourage each other.

There is:

  • abandonment
  • mental illness
  • alcoholism
  • family dysfunction
  • parenting
  • teenagers
  • runaways
  • racism
  • sex
  • pregnancy
  • fear
  • faith
  • belief
  • church
  • spiritual
  • God
  • love
  • trust
  • choice
  • reality
  • healing
  • PTSD